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June 11, 2009 by DjiRate
skinning is like giving birth -- sometimes the kid you get is everything you'd hoped for and the birth is easy -- sometimes you have a real hard labor and give birth to a fucked up kid -- sometimes you have to abort before it even gets formed all the way -- sometimes you birth them, and have to let them incubate for a while, until they fully "hatch"

i was getting mad at sks6 today and ranting to a good friend and they told me true
March 25, 2007 by DjiRate
hey there....messed around with the WB and applied it so os and still some issues...i'll send file if someone can tell me how and where to....i got start button animation working, but it has a yellow flash in it and i have no idea where it comes from also the taskbar is tranparent like i wanted it but only in a few spots...wth is going on i can't figure it out... I just need some is an image if i got it to show right: IMG]
March 24, 2007 by DjiRate
Hey everybody, my name is Joe. I'm new at skinning and have downloaded the video tutorials for windowblinds and they have set me on my way. I'm in the taskbar and working on the start button and i have chosen a three state image for the pucture, cut it chose all states already in it and used it for the start button. Well the button that showed up is a whole heart and half of the next one. my question is how the hell do i get it to show one heart in the different states. i have a link to the pict...